Paradoxical Sleep (REM)

Carried out in the evening and the following day, an initial training course allows us, thanks to the command of paradoxical sleep, to discover and immediately control an enormous individual energetic potential related to the “time openings.”

The “double” Who is he? What role does he play in our life? When does he act?

He is us in another time. We separate from him when we are born and we must find him again after our death. He is the guardian of our memory and must arrange our future before we live it and for that he makes use of our incarnation and our paradoxical sleep, which we must know how to use.

Change the future...sleeping

There exists a very important moment in the night, which is the phase of sleep called paradoxical, when the most exhaustive information exchange takes place between us and our double.

Our double anxiously awaits our invitation, an appropriate attitude that allows him access to our body and, from there, the leap towards the future. His ultimate objective is to answer the questions of the Creator, however he cannot ignore our concerns. As a part of ourselves, our double needs us to be in good shape. That is why our double's forward search includes our healing and well-being, as long as this be our will and that we have asked him for it.

How is doubling produced on an individual basis?

We have the particularity of being both ondulatory and corpuscular. We have to understand this ondulatory side: our physical body is perfectly structured, but we also have an energetic body which is also perfectly structured, which comes to give this physical body information.

How is that?

According to a process in which our body is an overcoat whose buttons are chakras. It is interesting to point out the that the doubling movement follows our vertebral column, with knots situated in the places where information exchanges take place between the past, present and future. If we have good harmony between the information of the past, present and future, our body lets us know and everything works well. This principal has been known for a long time and we know that after all ancient civilisations were based in the future, at any rate they tried to be familiar with it before living it, hence  the role of omens, seers, fortune-tellers, etc...

Only in the phase called paradoxical sleep resides the possibility of arranging the future before living it. And if we are unaware of this, we are unaware of everything about our life.

In this phase of sleep, our body is immobile, almost inert. Now then, what is it that makes our body live? What is it that makes it move? It is our energetic part; if it leaves, the body has nothing left to live on...

Nevertheless it continues breathing, digesting, its heart continues beating...

Yes, but that requires very little energy, which the future is able to provide for us while we are away. But it is not enough energy to be able to move. During this time, what has my energy gone to look for? Information. Other information comes into me which allows me to survive while my energetic body has gone. However if I am able to leave with my energetic body to go hunt down information, it is therefore necessary if I have a double that he comes to me so that there are information exchanges. Like two doubled atoms, they exchange information...

How is that?

An energetic part of one goes to the other and vice versa, they exchange information, which appear in the guise of ondulatory exchanges. The future is then able to give us instantaneous information which we do not have time to calculate and reflect upon in our own time.

Why is the body in complete postural atony? Why do newborns, who sleep between twenty and twenty-two hours a day, have ten hours of paradoxical sleep? Wouldn't this be an adaptation to the space that they are beginning to understand? Don't they need more paradoxical sleep than adults do? Having said that, elderly people have even less...This seems logical: the more we adapt to a space, the better we live, the less we need exterior information. It therefore seems more logical that a newborn would need more information than an elderly person. So would this energetic body be more important than the physical body? Evidently not, as in order to live on Earth we need an energetic body and a physical body. The physical body allows us to move within our reality, but without an energetic body our physical body is dead. We can go further still: given that we are doubled, if we have a double who lives in another time, he also has his ondulatory and corpuscular side in his reality. So we can imagine that our energetic bodies are exchanged  and that due to this our bodies take information from two different times. But does this mean this is a double? We should say that it is more like a vibration, in fact we are in two different times. The word double is imperfect, as we have the feeling of a complete dissociation, like a photocopy where the original and the copy exist independently. But as far as we are concerned, that is not the way it is at all: doubling makes it so that we are in a permanent relationship, with an information exchange, so that the relationship is permanent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We need to know how to control our sleep...

Is this possible, if by definition sleep, and overall paradoxical sleep, is uncontrollable? It is enough to know that given that this sleep is made in order to control the consequences of our thoughts, which have bothered a potential, paradoxical sleep will arrange that potential that we have bothered either consciously or unconsciously.

When we go to bed, we all know the phase of drowsiness, during which we continue thinking, which means that we still have control of our thoughts. After that sleep arrives and we no longer control anything. But given that our thoughts are stored in the water of our body, the thoughts we have when we drift off into drowsiness are the ones that direct our night: there is attraction between the thoughts that we have when we are drifting off and the ones that arrive. That is the control that we must have. Controlling our drowsiness is controlling all our thoughts before falling asleep. If we do this, it is a good start, although it is not enough.

"Intento enseñar una noción nueva y revolucionaria del tiempo que descubrí en 1988. Accesible a todos y comprobada y probada científicamente por mis publicaciones, permite encontrar un rápido equilibrio en el día a día. Sin embargo, mi enseñanza exige nunca criticar ni juzgar al prójimo y prohíbe toda propaganda, fanatismo o proselitismo. Aquellos que la quieran dar a conocer deben pues tener esta misma exigencia hacia sí mismos para no incumbir en errores de consecuencias desastrosas que lo desnaturalizarían. Es pues indiscutible, que es necesaria mi aprobación pues no quiero ser responsable de una enseñanza insuficiente o deplorable, efectuada sin la mínima posibilidad de control. Son numerosos quienes, no estando en esta óptica, utilizan mi enseñanza con fines personales. A día de hoy no he acreditado a ninguna persona para enseñar la teoría del desdoblamiento y sus aplicaciones diarias relacionadas con el doble."
“I try to teach a new and revolutionary notion of time, which I discovered in 1988. Accessible to all and scientifically tried and tested through my publications, it allows us to find a quick balance within our day to day lives. Nevertheless my teaching demands that we never criticise nor judge our neighbour and forbids all propaganda, fanaticism or proselytism. Those that wish to make these teachings known must therefore have the same demands in respect to themselves so as to not fall into errors of disastrous consequences which would misinterpret these same teachings. It is indisputable that my approval is necessary as I do not wish to be responsible for an insufficient or regrettable teaching, undertaken without the least possibility of controlling it. There are many who, not being of this viewpoint, make use of my teaching for their personal advantage. Up to this moment I have authorised no person to teach the doubling theory and its daily applications related to the double”.