So, how is it possible to concretely apply the law of the doubling of time?

That daily control gives us the best available potential at the same time that it modifies our instincts and intuitions. Far from opposing the different quests for balance and diverse therapies, this control allows them to be optimised.

So, how is it possible to concretely apply the law of the doubling of time?

Our biology is well made given that we can at the same time go to see the future, arrange it and come back in order to live it. Why? Because during the day we live in our reality, then afterwards we have the night. It is in that moment that we have the capacity to arrange the future that we have constructed during the day.

Each person should remember what our elders already knew: advice comes over night/tomorrow is a new day. Never make decisions before having slept one night. During the night you arrange all that the day has bothered in that potential. In that way, the next day when you wake up, you will benefit from a good potential.

How not to spoil it...

I must control my thoughts: if I think of pleasing myself, that is a good thing. But if I think that everything I think can please everyone, that is better still.

We can then summarise the law in a simple way: do no think of doing to others what you wouldn't want others to think of doing to you. Or better still: think of doing to someone what you would like someone to think of doing to you.

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