Called “time openings” by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet

Called “time openings” by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet., those imperceptible instants allow the exchange of vital information in our time, the present, with the guardian of our memory, the past, and our multiple possibilities in the future. These exchanges provide us with intuition, foresight and vital instincts. Controlling them allows us to optimise the future before having lived it, understand our life and create an individual and collective balance.

These imperceptible instants are what I have come to call “time openings”. An entire other life takes place within them, which develops very quickly in respect to our present. While an imperceptible thousand millionth part of a second passes in the first time, in the second time hours can go by. This accelerated passage is the future, which is as real as our present. And this future contains its own time openings, during which our present is taking place.

The two passages of time, the present and the future, are characterised by having opposite luminous vibrations. A permanent turning on and off of time takes place at a dizzying speed. We are conscious of the moments which are turned on. In the future they are conscious of the moments which are turned off. We therefore live parallel to one another, but our realities cannot mix.

But what there is in fact is an information exchange. When we put a future into motion, we are able to do it thanks to the existence of these time openings. When we update a future to the present, again it is the time openings which allow this to happen. Our double must also make use of the time openings to be able to travel between times.

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