Forgetting all that you have learned

By forgetting all that you have learned, you can start off again from new bases as amazing as they are indispensable. This discovery implies a complete re-questioning of our way of life and allows us to find a quick balance, physical or psychic, sentimental, domestic or professional, which corresponds to a new balance in our way of thinking. 

Cut off from our double, left to our own devises, we have complicated our mind and our live, generating thoughts that construct futures and forge potentials of suffering for our present. All the thoughts that we generate during the day create different futures. Each future that we promote is a potential that, if we do not elude it, will be updated to our present. Expressed differently, in the present we are receiving the consequences of the future.

The problem is that we are reaching the end of one of the doubling cycles of time, which we will recall is made up of 25,920 years. When John wrote in the Book of Revelation “the end of time,” we should understand “the end of a cycle of a division of time.” The purely theoretical date of this end is the year 2079. But everything seems to indicate that it will arrive sooner. If we continue to create for ourselves, on both an individual and collective scale, a future potential as dangerous as the one we are currently creating, in the moment of the reunification of time this potential will be updated.

We still have time to put things right. A change in our way of thinking must lead us to the construction of beneficial future potentials. Thinking now collectively, if a sufficient number of people take it upon themselves to create benevolent futures, this will act as a protective dyke against odious futures which threaten the entirety of our species.

The law of the doubling of time follows the law of Moses...

The scriptures say: Would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12 Now then the law is: Do not think of doing to others what you don't want them to think of doing to you. This is much more important given that as we have said before, each thought creates a potential. An action is the updating of a potential, as we see its result, but a thought creates a potential in the future.

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We find this idea in the story of the flood told in the Sumerian tablets, way before Moses' time. The Sumerian Noah was called Ziusudra and was saved by a ship called the Arc, like Noah's. However this ship did not contain animals, but something even more extraordinary: Ziusudra's dreams! This means that they were enclosed within a potential future. In order to update them to reality, a human was needed. So this potential created goes back to being a current potential, meaning a reality. Discovering this writing during my research was enthralling.

"Intento enseñar una noción nueva y revolucionaria del tiempo que descubrí en 1988. Accesible a todos y comprobada y probada científicamente por mis publicaciones, permite encontrar un rápido equilibrio en el día a día. Sin embargo, mi enseñanza exige nunca criticar ni juzgar al prójimo y prohíbe toda propaganda, fanatismo o proselitismo. Aquellos que la quieran dar a conocer deben pues tener esta misma exigencia hacia sí mismos para no incumbir en errores de consecuencias desastrosas que lo desnaturalizarían. Es pues indiscutible, que es necesaria mi aprobación pues no quiero ser responsable de una enseñanza insuficiente o deplorable, efectuada sin la mínima posibilidad de control. Son numerosos quienes, no estando en esta óptica, utilizan mi enseñanza con fines personales. A día de hoy no he acreditado a ninguna persona para enseñar la teoría del desdoblamiento y sus aplicaciones diarias relacionadas con el doble."
“I try to teach a new and revolutionary notion of time, which I discovered in 1988. Accessible to all and scientifically tried and tested through my publications, it allows us to find a quick balance within our day to day lives. Nevertheless my teaching demands that we never criticise nor judge our neighbour and forbids all propaganda, fanaticism or proselytism. Those that wish to make these teachings known must therefore have the same demands in respect to themselves so as to not fall into errors of disastrous consequences which would misinterpret these same teachings. It is indisputable that my approval is necessary as I do not wish to be responsible for an insufficient or regrettable teaching, undertaken without the least possibility of controlling it. There are many who, not being of this viewpoint, make use of my teaching for their personal advantage. Up to this moment I have authorised no person to teach the doubling theory and its daily applications related to the double”.