SOS Workshop

For people who have carried out the initial workshop

This is what Dr. Garnier Malet says in reference to this workshop:

"This is a complementary wokshop for all those who wish to attain, as well as to be able to explain, its competence in a deliberate manner. Once recognised by your surroundings, you should be able to explain to all those who ask about it in a simple, logical and comprehensible way for everyone. This training course is not meant to turn you into a sage, only into an efficient being, without ever feigning pretension. It is so revolutionary that under no circumstances does this workshop enter into the framework of current classical teaching, which would completely deform and deviate it from its objective.

It's about being without appearing..."


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Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, físico y autor de la teoría del desdoblamiento del espacio y del tiempo (The Doubling Theory)