Balancing ourselves contributes to balancing others as well as the planet

Balancing ourselves contributes to balancing others as well as the planet, which, due to the mere fact of our ignorance, becomes unbalanced.

Can the law of doubling protect a person?

Yes. The object is to live something before living it in our time, and so quickly that we can not even memorise the inner workings of that future. We have only the objective which either interests us or not and that is what matters. If that future interests us, we live it, if not we store it as odious information. Instinctively we do not want to go there. Observe how a horse feels in the presence of a poisonous snake. What does it do? It stops in its tracks. Only the rider is capable of beating it to move forward...But the horse knows perfectly well that it must not go there, instinctively it knows that there is danger.

Why are we not capable of being like that horse? Because our intellectualisation kills us: we reflect. And as we reflect, we manufacture a different potential which annihilates the initial potential of danger, we memorise something else and what this memorisation makes us update does not always take us towards what we should live...

And so it is that a few people who earnestly do this work can change not only their destiny, but also the destiny of the entire Earth. This implies a greater attention to our thoughts during the day and also in the moment of drowsiness when we are in bed waiting to fall asleep: we must avoid all negative thoughts and particularly those that are judgemental or critical.

In order to find, in this end of doubling time, a personal and planetary balance: Changing our future through the time openings is a vital principal that we must know how to use.

Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, físico y autor de la teoría del desdoblamiento del espacio y del tiempo (The Doubling Theory)