Recent scientific discovery by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet

Time appears to us to be continuous, nevertheless the doubling theory demonstrates that two perceptible instants are always separated by an imperceptible instant. Doubling makes us present in a time which we do not perceive in our time, the present, but where our double watches over our memory of the past.

Why Doubling?

The doubling of time has existed since the dawn of time...

We are coming close to the end of one the doubling cycles of time, which we will recall are 25,920 years.

The theory shows that doubling is cyclical. In the calculation we find the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. The calculation proves that this cycle is based on the 100 rotations of Pluto around the Sun or 24,840 years, to which we add a transitional period of 1,080 years and so obtain the 25,920 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, a perfectly observable but never calculated cycle. This is the first theory that calculates this cycle.

Why double time?

In order to reap the benefits in every instant of a large experience carried out in another time that does not have time to exist in our time. Thanks to a balance of gravitational and anti-gravitational energies, related to the doubling movement, there is a permanent energy flow which circulates between the doubled times at faster than light speeds. The doubling theory that allows us to calculate the speed of light, also allows the calculation of faster than light speeds necessary for the information exchanges between doubled realities (

This doubling exists in particles, stars, galaxies and now physics is being considered in trying to detect doubled universes. We must understand that nearly 85% of the universe, 83.3% according to the doubling theory is non-observable (dark matter). In 1990 the 10% of doubled stars in the universe where thought to be the exception. Now they make up more than 90%!

Information exchanges between particles are now a scientific reality. We speak of entanglement with faster than light speeds of information.

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A particle that falls into a black hole instantly disappears to the eyes of the exterior observer. However if the observer were situated on the inside of the black hole, he would confirm that it takes an infinitely long time for the particle to enter into it. This time differentiation also exists in the case of twins. One of them who took off in a rocket due to speed would not grow old as quickly as the other who remained on the ground. Brought to light by Paul Langevin in 1922, this paradox was experimentally proven in 1972.

This twin or double could take off in null time and come back instantly after having travelled a long time within another time. In fact a particle that disappears in almost null time benefits from almost infinite energy: this is what is known as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. In addition A. Aspect (1982) and A. Suarez (1998) observed that faster than light speeds allow an instantaneous exchange of information or entanglement amongst different times. Wouldn't that relativity of time, initially defined by Pointcaré and Einstein, be at the service of mankind?

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Those imperceptible times therefore exist: medical imaging has shown us that subliminal imperceptible images modify our memory. This modification is in fact the result of long experiences carried out in another reality by observers evolving in another time. It is the physical principal of the doubling of time that allows us to survive and create our future possibilities so as to anticipate our future before having lived it. This vital anticipation needs the existence of a double in another time so that it can be present in two different times at the same time.

Having said that, without knowing of their existence or use, we are living the end of a doubling cycle of time, governed by the planetary movements of our solar system that is currently opening all the doors of information. It is a universal movement that we find as much in the galaxies as we do in our DNA. Because of this we reap the benefits in every instant of the two doubled time in which we live simultaneously thanks to our double.

Called "Time Openings" by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet

Called “time openings” by J.P.G.M., those imperceptible instants allow the exchange of vital information in our time, the present, with the guardian of our memory, the past, and our multiple possibilities in the future. These exchanges provide us with intuition, foresight and vital instincts. Controlling them allows us to optimise the future before having lived it, understand our life and create an individual and collective balance.

These imperceptible instants are what I have come to call “time openings”. An entire other life takes place within them, which develops very quickly in respect to our present. While an imperceptible thousand millionth part of a second passes in the first time, in the second time hours can go by. This accelerated passage is the future, which is as real as our present. And this future contains its own time openings, during which our present is taking place.

The two passages of time, the present and the future, are characterised by having opposite luminous vibrations. A permanent turning on and off of time takes place at a dizzying speed. We are conscious of the moments which are turned on. In the future they are conscious of the moments which are turned off. We therefore live parallel to one another, but our realities cannot mix.

But what there is in fact is an information exchange. When we put a future into motion, we are able to do it thanks to the existence of these time openings. When we update a future to the present, again it is the time openings which allow this to happen. Our double must also make use of the time openings to be able to travel between times.

Forgetting all that you have learned

By forgetting all that you have learned, you can start off again from new bases as amazing as they are indispensable. This discovery implies a complete re-questioning of our way of life and allows us to find a quick balance, physical or psychic, sentimental, domestic or professional, which corresponds to a new balance in our way of thinking. 

Cut off from our double, left to our own devises, we have complicated our mind and our live, generating thoughts that construct futures and forge potentials of suffering for our present. All the thoughts that we generate during the day create different futures. Each future that we promote is a potential that, if we do not elude it, will be updated to our present. Expressed differently, in the present we are receiving the consequences of the future.

The problem is that we are reaching the end of one of the doubling cycles of time, which we will recall is made up of 25,920 years. When John wrote in the Book of Revelation “the end of time,” we should understand “the end of a cycle of a division of time.” The purely theoretical date of this end is the year 2079. But everything seems to indicate that it will arrive sooner. If we continue to create for ourselves, on both an individual and collective scale, a future potential as dangerous as the one we are currently creating, in the moment of the reunification of time this potential will be updated.

We still have time to put things right. A change in our way of thinking must lead us to the construction of beneficial future potentials. Thinking now collectively, if a sufficient number of people take it upon themselves to create benevolent futures, this will act as a protective dyke against odious futures which threaten the entirety of our species.

The law of the doubling of time follows the law of Moses...

The scriptures say: Would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12 Now then the law is: Do not think of doing to others what you don't want them to think of doing to you. This is much more important given that as we have said before, each thought creates a potential. An action is the updating of a potential, as we see its result, but a thought creates a potential in the future.

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We find this idea in the story of the flood told in the Sumerian tablets, way before Moses' time. The Sumerian Noah was called Ziusudra and was saved by a ship called the Arc, like Noah's. However this ship did not contain animals, but something even more extraordinary: Ziusudra's dreams! This means that they were enclosed within a potential future. In order to update them to reality, a human was needed. So this potential created goes back to being a current potential, meaning a reality. Discovering this writing during my research was enthralling.

Paradoxical Sleep (REM)

Carried out in the evening and the following day, an initial training course allows us, thanks to the command of paradoxical sleep, to discover and immediately control an enormous individual energetic potential related to the “time openings.”

The “double” Who is he? What role does he play in our life? When does he act?

He is us in another time. We separate from him when we are born and we must find him again after our death. He is the guardian of our memory and must arrange our future before we live it and for that he makes use of our incarnation and our paradoxical sleep, which we must know how to use.

Change the future...sleeping

There exists a very important moment in the night, which is the phase of sleep called paradoxical, when the most exhaustive information exchange takes place between us and our double.

Our double anxiously awaits our invitation, an appropriate attitude that allows him access to our body and, from there, the leap towards the future. His ultimate objective is to answer the questions of the Creator, however he cannot ignore our concerns. As a part of ourselves, our double needs us to be in good shape. That is why our double's forward search includes our healing and well-being, as long as this be our will and that we have asked him for it.

How is doubling produced on an individual basis?

We have the particularity of being both ondulatory and corpuscular. We have to understand this ondulatory side: our physical body is perfectly structured, but we also have an energetic body which is also perfectly structured, which comes to give this physical body information.

How is that?

According to a process in which our body is an overcoat whose buttons are chakras. It is interesting to point out the that the doubling movement follows our vertebral column, with knots situated in the places where information exchanges take place between the past, present and future. If we have good harmony between the information of the past, present and future, our body lets us know and everything works well. This principal has been known for a long time and we know that after all ancient civilisations were based in the future, at any rate they tried to be familiar with it before living it, hence  the role of omens, seers, fortune-tellers, etc...

Only in the phase called paradoxical sleep resides the possibility of arranging the future before living it. And if we are unaware of this, we are unaware of everything about our life.

In this phase of sleep, our body is immobile, almost inert. Now then, what is it that makes our body live? What is it that makes it move? It is our energetic part; if it leaves, the body has nothing left to live on...

Nevertheless it continues breathing, digesting, its heart continues beating...

Yes, but that requires very little energy, which the future is able to provide for us while we are away. But it is not enough energy to be able to move. During this time, what has my energy gone to look for? Information. Other information comes into me which allows me to survive while my energetic body has gone. However if I am able to leave with my energetic body to go hunt down information, it is therefore necessary if I have a double that he comes to me so that there are information exchanges. Like two doubled atoms, they exchange information...

How is that?

An energetic part of one goes to the other and vice versa, they exchange information, which appear in the guise of ondulatory exchanges. The future is then able to give us instantaneous information which we do not have time to calculate and reflect upon in our own time.

Why is the body in complete postural atony? Why do newborns, who sleep between twenty and twenty-two hours a day, have ten hours of paradoxical sleep? Wouldn't this be an adaptation to the space that they are beginning to understand? Don't they need more paradoxical sleep than adults do? Having said that, elderly people have even less...This seems logical: the more we adapt to a space, the better we live, the less we need exterior information. It therefore seems more logical that a newborn would need more information than an elderly person. So would this energetic body be more important than the physical body? Evidently not, as in order to live on Earth we need an energetic body and a physical body. The physical body allows us to move within our reality, but without an energetic body our physical body is dead. We can go further still: given that we are doubled, if we have a double who lives in another time, he also has his ondulatory and corpuscular side in his reality. So we can imagine that our energetic bodies are exchanged  and that due to this our bodies take information from two different times. But does this mean this is a double? We should say that it is more like a vibration, in fact we are in two different times. The word double is imperfect, as we have the feeling of a complete dissociation, like a photocopy where the original and the copy exist independently. But as far as we are concerned, that is not the way it is at all: doubling makes it so that we are in a permanent relationship, with an information exchange, so that the relationship is permanent.

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We need to know how to control our sleep...

Is this possible, if by definition sleep, and overall paradoxical sleep, is uncontrollable? It is enough to know that given that this sleep is made in order to control the consequences of our thoughts, which have bothered a potential, paradoxical sleep will arrange that potential that we have bothered either consciously or unconsciously.

When we go to bed, we all know the phase of drowsiness, during which we continue thinking, which means that we still have control of our thoughts. After that sleep arrives and we no longer control anything. But given that our thoughts are stored in the water of our body, the thoughts we have when we drift off into drowsiness are the ones that direct our night: there is attraction between the thoughts that we have when we are drifting off and the ones that arrive. That is the control that we must have. Controlling our drowsiness is controlling all our thoughts before falling asleep. If we do this, it is a good start, although it is not enough.

So, how is it possible to concretely apply the law of the doubling of time?

That daily control gives us the best available potential at the same time that it modifies our instincts and intuitions. Far from opposing the different quests for balance and diverse therapies, this control allows them to be optimised.

So, how is it possible to concretely apply the law of the doubling of time?

Our biology is well made given that we can at the same time go to see the future, arrange it and come back in order to live it. Why? Because during the day we live in our reality, then afterwards we have the night. It is in that moment that we have the capacity to arrange the future that we have constructed during the day.

Each person should remember what our elders already knew: advice comes over night/tomorrow is a new day. Never make decisions before having slept one night. During the night you arrange all that the day has bothered in that potential. In that way, the next day when you wake up, you will benefit from a good potential.

How not to spoil it...

I must control my thoughts: if I think of pleasing myself, that is a good thing. But if I think that everything I think can please everyone, that is better still.

We can then summarise the law in a simple way: do no think of doing to others what you wouldn't want others to think of doing to you. Or better still: think of doing to someone what you would like someone to think of doing to you.

Balancing ourselves contributes to balancing others as well as the planet

Balancing ourselves contributes to balancing others as well as the planet, which, due to the mere fact of our ignorance, becomes unbalanced.

Can the law of doubling protect a person?

Yes. The object is to live something before living it in our time, and so quickly that we can not even memorise the inner workings of that future. We have only the objective which either interests us or not and that is what matters. If that future interests us, we live it, if not we store it as odious information. Instinctively we do not want to go there. Observe how a horse feels in the presence of a poisonous snake. What does it do? It stops in its tracks. Only the rider is capable of beating it to move forward...But the horse knows perfectly well that it must not go there, instinctively it knows that there is danger.

Why are we not capable of being like that horse? Because our intellectualisation kills us: we reflect. And as we reflect, we manufacture a different potential which annihilates the initial potential of danger, we memorise something else and what this memorisation makes us update does not always take us towards what we should live...

And so it is that a few people who earnestly do this work can change not only their destiny, but also the destiny of the entire Earth. This implies a greater attention to our thoughts during the day and also in the moment of drowsiness when we are in bed waiting to fall asleep: we must avoid all negative thoughts and particularly those that are judgemental or critical.

In order to find, in this end of doubling time, a personal and planetary balance: Changing our future through the time openings is a vital principal that we must know how to use.

Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, físico y autor de la teoría del desdoblamiento del espacio y del tiempo (The Doubling Theory)